Bee Swarms

During the months of May, June and July it is very common to find a swarm of bees. The reasons for can be varied but one of the more common reasons is the place where they are living (usually the hive) has become too crowded for them and they need to find alternative living area. Contrary to popular opinion, when bees swarm they are usually at their most docile. Docile or not, you should not attempt removal yourself.

What to do if you find a swarm

Contact me

If you find a swarm in your garden and live within a reasonable radius of me [Click here for radius] then I shall come and attempt removal for you. Sometimes, depending on the location of the swarm i.e. under hanging roof tiles this is not always possible, the colony may have to be treated as a pest and subsequently destroyed.

If you have found a swarm in your garden it is possible they are taking a break before finding their new home. Further information on swarms can be found [here]

Areas covered

From Northiam, I come out as far as:

Please contact me if you are not sure of areas covered.

Swarm of bees hanging from a branch