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Between the months of May to July is the time when the honey bee is most likely to swarm. These pictures should help you to identify a Honey Bee Swarms and also give information as to how a swarm, depending on it's location, may be removed from your premises using honey bee swarm removal methods.

The pictures to the right of this text shows a honey bee and a wasp. The wasp is on the far right and is identified by the vibrant yellow and black markings.

Picture of a wasps nest Picture of a swarm of bees
Picture of a Honey Bee, note the pollen on it's legs Picture of a wasp, note the vibrant black & yellow abdominal colours

The pictures to the left show a wasp nest on the far left and a swarm of bees on the right.

If you unexpectedly find a bee swarm on or around your premises and are happy that it is a bees swarm and not wasp activity then contact me so we can arrange removal. Just remember, it is natural for honey bees to swarm, all they are doing is looking for a new home. Make sure everybody keeps away from the swarm and do not antagonise the bees by prodding or disturbing them.